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*Monthly 2 Classes
$5per month
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*Monthly 20 Classes
$20per month
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*Monthly 10 Classes
$10per month
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*Monthly 22 Classes
$50per month
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*Monthly 15 Classes
$15per month
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*Monthly 25 Classes
$100per month


Pricing Plan

Frequently Asking Questions

1. How Can I Build More Lean Muscle?
Custom Sublimation we ask for 3-5 whenever possible. The more time the better but we understand things happen and we will always do our best to help you out of a jam if we can by expediting the process.
2. Can I Make Payments On A Monthly Basis?
Unfortunately, no, once an item(s) is made specifically for you and your team, it cannot be returned as there is no market for us to resale it. If you ask nicely we are always willing to help on the remake best we can. Another reason we often suggest not putting names on the uniforms, that way you can sale it to other team members, we see this quite often
3. Do I Have To Pay Anything If I Break My Contract?
Yes and the best part is you can have input as to what is in the package. We would love to discuss what your team needs are and how we can help create a unique team package!
4. Do I Have Access To All International Gyms?
Great question, since there are so many different fits. That being said yes we do our best to keep them true to fit or as much as possible. That being said, we do offer size charts and are very confident you have ordered online before and have a good understanding as to how to order online without actually trying something on
5. Does Your Gym Offer Free Wifi?
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