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Online Pop-Up Stores

What are the Advantages of Opening a Pop-Up Shop?
Pop-up shops offer a range of benefits for brands, from enhancing customer relationships to boosting sales. Here are six key advantages of utilizing pop-up shops.

Enhance Customer Engagement
Pop-up shops provide an ideal platform for brands to attract new customers and offer them a personal experience. The typically compact size of pop-up shops creates a perfect setting for brand representatives to have one-on-one interactions with shoppers, offering detailed insights into the products. This personalized approach is particularly beneficial for online-only brands. By setting up a pop-up shop, these brands can facilitate in-person interactions in a way that their online presence can't. It humanizes the brand, giving customers a chance to meet the people behind the website.

Increase Sales
Despite the rise of online shopping, a staggering 95% of purchases are still made offline. Pop-up shops serve as a strategic approach to amplify sales. They offer an opportunity for online-only businesses to experiment with physical retail without a long-term commitment. For brands with an established online or regional presence, pop-up shops can extend their reach to new customers, enhancing sales and increasing interest in the brand.

Boost Brand Visibility
Pop-up shops are not just retail spaces; they're a marketing phenomenon that can significantly raise brand awareness. They often create a buzz in the cities they appear in, attracting local media attention, which can lead to mentions in both print and digital media. Pop-up shops are usually designed to be visually striking, making them an ideal spot for customers to take and share photos, further promoting the brand.

Cost-Effective Strategy
In comparison to traditional retail spaces, pop-up shops are a more economical option. With the high costs and commitments associated with long-term leases in traditional retail, pop-up shops present a low-risk alternative. They are approximately 80% cheaper to launch than standard retail locations. Pop-up shops typically operate for a short duration, ranging from a few days to a few months, allowing for a cost-effective yet potentially profitable venture.
 Working Steps
4 Working Steps to online pop-up stores:
  1. Collaborate on Your Design: Work with us to craft the perfect design for your needs.
  2. Select Custom and Stock Items: Choose the range of custom and stock items you want your store to feature.
  3. Launch Your Store: Initiate your store by distributing the FanGear link to all potential supporters.
  4. Close and Produce: After the store closes, we’ll move your items into production and arrange for shipping.
Best Quality

Number of Garments

We recommend using the 4x4 method for optimal success:

  • 4 men's/unisex spirit wear
  • 4 women's spirit wear
  • 4 activewear (moisture wicking material)
  • 4 accessories (bags, hats, socks, tumblers, etc.)

The fewer number of garments that you offer the more success you will have.

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Best for you

Minimum Order Requirements and Set Pricing

Screen Print
12 pieces must be ordered to produce the design. We set pricing based on 12-piece pricing.

12 pieces must be ordered to produce each design. We set pricing based on 12-piece pricing.

5 pieces per style must be ordered to produce each design. We set pricing based on 5-piece pricing. on all repeat orders for sublimations there is no minimum requirement

Upcharges for plus sizes will be $2/2XL, $3/3XL, $4/4XL and $5/5XL
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Design Limitations

  • T-shirts and Sweatshirts: 1 design, 1-3 ink colors, 1 print location
  • Shorts and Pants: 1 design, 1 ink color, 1 print location
  • Embroidery: Hats get their own design, and polos, bags, pants get their own design. 1 design, 10K stitches.

What are the shipping costs?

UPS ground shipping to the Coach or Team Coordinator is FREE in the contiguous US (does not include HI or AK). This covers shipping, handling and individual bagging of each order. Shipping to the individual customer is an option and there will be a small charge of $8.00 for the individual shipments. Individual shipments will shipped by USPS Priority or First Class Mail.