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With over 30 years of combined entrepreneurial experience and a lifetime of athletic involvement, our founders have infused their passion and expertise into creating a fresh, new perspective in sports apparel and custom uniforms. The name "BattleGear" was inspired by our founders' wrestling background, embodying their fighting spirit and dedication to the brand. This commitment to growth has been organic, ensuring a close connection with our customers. We at BattleGear pride ourselves on being highly accessible, offering direct contact through phone, text, and email. Our responsiveness extends beyond regular working hours, reflecting our dedication to exceptional customer service. We acknowledge that we're not perfect and make mistakes, but we believe in being judged by how we address and resolve them. For a hands-on experience with our brand and products, we invite you to visit our pop-up stores. It's an excellent chance to explore and purchase your favorite BattleGear items. For detailed information about our offerings, be sure to check out our blog page. If you have any questions about BattleGear, please feel free to reach out. We value open communication and are always here to assist you.
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Experience the unparalleled confidence and performance boost that comes with wearing a custom sports uniform crafted by Battle Gear, where your style, comfort, and athletic aspirations are seamlessly woven into every stitch. Let Battle Gear be the architect of your on-field identity, empowering you to play at your best while showcasing your unique team spirit and personal flair.
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At Battle Gear, we are deeply rooted in the philosophy that feeling good is the cornerstone of playing with intensity, displaying relentless hard work, exhibiting exemplary sportsmanship, and ultimately, playing to win. We understand that the emotional and physical state of an athlete plays a pivotal role in their performance. It's not just about the skills or the strategies employed in the game; it's also about the mindset and the emotional well-being of the player. When you feel good, you are naturally inclined to put forth your maximum effort, channeling your energy and focus towards achieving peak performance. This positive state of mind not only enhances your ability to play hard but also fosters a spirit of fair play and respect towards others in the competitive arena. Our belief at Battle Gear is that by nurturing a positive internal environment, we can empower athletes to not only aim for victory but to do so with honor and integrity.
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