Custom Team Gear

At Battle Gear, when we say Custom Team Gear, we mean Custom Team Gear.  We don’t give our customers a handful of templates to choose from and call it custom.  We talk to our clients and really try to understand where they see their design going.  Then we take that vision to our art team and let them go to work putting our clients vision into a design. We then continue to work with our client until we have succeeded in creating their custom design.

As wrestlers, naturally, wrestling is our passion but we also provide unmatched Custom Team Gear for baseball, softball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, track and field, as well as many other sports. We have no limits

If you are going to Battle, go to Battle in our Battle Tested Custom Gear.

Battle Gear can work with your existing designs or let our team of designers help you through the creative process.

Take a few minutes and browse through our custom Battle Gear designs that are currently in the field of Battle or get your custom order started today by visiting our team gear page.

Adidas Wrestling Shoes

Battle Gear now is the place to order your Adidas wrestling shoes and gear. Adidas wrestling has some of the most accomplished college and international wrestlers wearing their shoes such as Jordan Oliver, David Taylor, Zeke Jones, Jake Varner and Bryce Meredith.

Whether you are looking at the old school look of the Combat Speed wrestling shoe or the new Digital Camo Print Impacts, you are going to look stylish on the mat and know you can depend on your shoe for comfort, durability and traction of an Adidas wrestling shoe.

For the youth Adidas wrestling shoe, be sure to check out the HVC 2k Youth wrestling shoe. It’s build for the youth wrestler, but you can expect the same functionality that it’s adult version features.

Between the Combat Speed, Varner, Pretereo or the Impact, Adidas wrestling shoes will give you the speed, traction, and endurance that that are needed on the wrestling mat.